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About Possum Creek Stables

Family-owned and operated by Mark and Elaine Allison since 1984, Possum Creek Stables is the only continuously owned boarding facility in the Dayton area that is still successfully operating today. From very humble beginnings, we have grown into the facility we are today.

Why Choose Us?

The staff at Possum Creek Stables work continuously to make sure that boarding at PCS is a clean, safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. They are dedicated to the safety and quality of life of all horses entrusted to our care. The owners, Mark and Elaine, are actively involved in all areas of the barn and business, from managing the care and well-being of the horses to maintaining the physical property. We care deeply about creating the best home we can for the animals and a welcoming environment for everyone who visits the farm.

If you enjoy riding and the outdoors, you’ll love it here. Our farm with its serene pastures and woods offers an escape from town hustle and bustle to country afternoons and relaxation. Come check us out!

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