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Boarding Information

We offer full care boarding.  Our facility does not offer horse rentals or guided trail rides at the Metro Park. Full care boarding includes:

~ A 10' x 12' stall fully matted & oak lined, with grain and hay feeder.
~ Stalls are cleaned at least once each day, 7 days a week.
~ House feed (10% textured grain) and hay AM & PM.
~ Small salt block in each horse's stall.
~ Daily pasture or mud lot turnout, weather permitting.
~ Pine shavings for stall bedding.
~ Owner must provide all supplements and dewormers.

We only allow mares and geldings at our facility. No stallions! All breeds and riding disciplines are welcome at Possum Creek Stables. Children, teenagers and adults ride at Possum Creek Stables regularly. Volunteering is always available for ages 12 and up.

If you would like to know more information about boarding or set up an appointment to visit our facility, please call the stable owners at (937) 847-8272 or you can send us an email at


Your Horse's Health

Horses at Possum Creek Stables are fed 10% textured feed (house feed) and an orchard grass hay mixture. If horses are kept in their stalls or turned out in mud lots during the winter months, they will be provided with extra hay throughout the day. Please notify us if your horse needs medications, supplements or a change in their daily feed. Horse owners are responsible for buying and providing their horse with medications and supplements. Horses always receive fresh water each day in their stall buckets, along with access to water in each field, mud lot and private paddock. 

Turnout And Grazing

Weather permitting, Possum Creek Stables turns the horses out daily for exercise and grazing. Horses may be turned out with blankets, fly sheets and fly masks. However, the facility is not responsible for anything that is lost or damaged in the fields. New horses are required to have a negative Coggins and all current vaccinations before being brought onto our property. When new horses arrive, they are quarantined for a short period of time before they're turned out into either the mare or gelding herd.


Keeping Things Clean

Every stall at Possum Creek Stables is cleaned daily! Private paddocks and mud lots are cleaned thoroughly of manure, weeds and left over hay. To keep our facility clean and fly-free, all stall muck is disposed of in a dumpster that is picked up three times per week.  We use bagged pine shavings as our stall bedding. Straw bedding is only available for injured horses that are on stall rest. In the summer months fly predators are dispersed throughout the barns to reduce fly issues.

Your Tack And Supplies

The climate-controlled tack room is secure and kept securely locked at all times. Nothing is to be kept in front of your stall. Feel free to use a combination lock for your tack box. All owners and volunteers are completely responsible for all of their own tack and equipment kept at the facility. 


Privately Owned Horses

We typically have some owners at Possum Creek Stables who will often allow volunteers the option to groom or ride their horse with prior permission. However, all volunteers are required to contact the horse's owner in advance to ask for their permission. There are restrictions when volunteers ride privately owned horses, but it's something that the volunteer, horse owner and stable owners must discuss. Thank you for understanding.

Additional Information

There is absolutely no smoking in the barn, around the barn or on the premises! Our facility features around the clock security. We ask that you keep all barn cats out of the tack room and bathroom. No dogs on the property, please. If your horse leaves manure while in the wash stall, grooming stalls or in the riding areas - it is your responsibility to be considerate and clean it up! The grooming stalls are to be swept and kept clean after each use. ONLY the Possum Creek Stables staff has the permission to open and close the two large sliding doors at either end of the barn - please do not do so on your own! We ask that you not use the outside hose or the wash stall hose in temperatures that fall below 40 degrees. All trash is to be disposed of in the appropriate places around the barn. Thank you for keeping us a clean, safe, fun and friendly facility!

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